THEME: Celebrating 160 years as an incorporated Village

The Bath Canada Parade Always Starts at 1 p.m. on July 1st

It moves down Main Street to Church Street and ends at the Bath Public School  about 2 pm.

Traffic is diverted around the Village starting at 12 noon to clear streets for the parade. Best advice is to be in the Village before 12 noon

For easiest access to parking throughout the day, take Highway 2, turn south at County Road 7 (Church Street) and watch for the Event Parking sign as you come past Loyalist Blvd.

The free Shuttle Bus will take you down to the corner of Church and Main in the heart of the Village.


  • It’s a chance to have fun as a family, showcase your business, sports team, hobby, service group or equestrian talent
  • Share your pride in being Canadian
  • To have a unique view of the crowds dressed in red and white who line the parade route, waving flags and cheering you on
  • There is no admission fee and it’s a lot of fun!

Parade and Registration Information


Welcome to the 2019 Bath Canada Day Parade


Celebrating 160 years of incorporation.

Bath incorporated in 1859. As an incorporated village citizens could elect a council to make decisions about local projects/concerns and to raise taxes.

A number of floats are being developed depicting village life over these years. Some folks have expressed an interest in dressing up in period clothing. Whether or not you adopt a historical theme, we’ll be glad to see you.


Over the past few years the Committee has received feedback indicating a growing concern around the use of water guns and throwing of water balloons.

Some past and long-time parade participants have refused to come back to the Parade citing water damage to radios and the interiors of restored automobiles. Antique machinery can seize if it gets wet and many parade participants don’t want to get wet.

Parade watchers have complained that the spraying of water and throwing of water balloons is indiscriminate and often people are unable to move quickly enough to avoid getting wet.

More concerning is the throwing of water balloons which can really sting and in at least one case, has hit a youngster in the eye. Fortunately no damage was done, but the potential exists.


It is the Committee’s preference that parade participants not spray water or throw balloons. We recognize that we can’t control what may come your way so we have developed NO Water signage for those in the parade and parade watchers.

  • NO WATER signs will be available to anyone in the parade who doesn’t want to be sprayed by water guns or water balloons. They will be available at the marshaling areas and can be attached to either side of the float, car etc. Let us know if you want this signage.
  • Parade watchers will be offered NO WATER cards to wave at floats or walkers if they don’t want to be sprayed.
  • A GREAT BATH TRADITION! Kids of all ages can cool off at 3 pm with the Firemen’s Foam behind the Tennis Courts after the Parade. There will be two foams – one for smaller children and one for bigger kids.


  • As Committee members have been talking to people about being part of the Parade one message was clearly voiced. It’s the participation, not the prizes that really matter.
  • So, this year instead of prizes for different categories, every entry will receive a certificate of appreciation and a picture of their entry.



  • The parade begins from Finkle’s Shore Park at 1pm sharp on Canada Day and ends at the Bath Public School on County Road 7. In order to allow for the staging of the parade entries, we ask that you report to the Bath Public School or Finkle’s Shore Park no later than 11:30 a.m.

N.B. The OPP will be diverting traffic around the Village starting at 12 noon to clear streets for the parade


  • A school bus shuttle service from Bath Public School on County Road 7 (Church Street) to Finkle’s Shores Park is provided for those who wish to leave their cars or equipment at the end of the parade route. This facilitates a quick getaway after the Parade if needed.
  • Band members will be shuttled with their instruments to marshal at  Country Club Drive and Main Street.


Driving directly to Finkle’s Shore Park

From the east

If you are coming to Bath from the east on Highway 33, take Academy Street to Church Street; turn left on to Church, then right at the stop light. Continue along Main Street about 1.5 kilometres to Finkle’s Shores Park.

From the north

Those coming from the north will follow County Road 7 to the stoplight in Bath, and then turn right onto Main Street.  Continue along Main Street about 1.5 kilometres to Finkle’s Shores Park.

From the west

Those coming from the west on Highway 33 will see Finkle’s Shores Park on the lake side of the road just before coming into the Village.

Remember – traffic will be diverted around the Village starting at 12 noon.


When you arrive at Finkle’s Shores Park, please check in at the Parade Registration Desk. We need to know you are present and you need to collect your line-up number.

Your entry will be escorted and lined up along the Bath Road by one of the Parade Marshals.

The parade route is 1.9 kilometers and should take about 45 minutes.

PLEASE keep up to the entry in front of you. This is important to prevent large spaces between Parade Entries especially as the Parade turns the corner at the stoplight.

Comfort considerations

FRYWAY 33 is located at the west end at Finkle’s Shore Park. It sells cold drinks and light lunches.

There will be three portable toilets on site including a handicapped one with hand sanitizer.

Water will be available at the marshaling areas and along the parade route. We recommend lots of sunscreen and head coverings.

If you are seated in a vehicle or on a float a small battery powered fan at your feet may help keep you cool.

 Floats From Yesteryear


The Brockville Lions Steel Drum Band taken in 2004.





The Circuit Rider

Bath United Church entry – Early 1990’s



Bath Marching Group 1980 

Brownies and Guides 1984

If you and you family are thinking of taking part in this year’s parade, here are some suggestions

1. Your entry doesn’t have to be elaborate. Gather up the kids on their bikes, put the little one in a stroller, dress in old fashioned clothes, or wear your red and white and walk the route from the corner of Country Club Drive to Bath School. Let us know you’re coming – bathcanadaday@live.ca  and come to the corner of Main Street and Country Club Drive for 12:30 pm.

2. Make a banner with your family’s name and how long you’ve lived in Bath.

Did you know that in the late 70’s and early 80’s the slogan for Bath’s Canada Day celebration was Having a Ball in Bath? Quite by coincidence, the Loyalist Residents Association came up with the same theme for their parade entries and used it for a couple of years.

3. Make a sign for each side of the car, get some flags from the Welcome Booth in Centennial Park and join in.

4. Combine your entry with another family  – related or not.

5. If you want to do something more elaborate, that’s fine too.

A float might highlight the family business, a hobby or talent your family shares, or portray individuals from different generations. This could be a tie-in to life in Bath over the past 160 years.   Let your imagination take flight and have fun!