The Flags are Flying

Thanks to Matt Trottier, Darren Moore and Tom Eves, Bath Volunteer Fire Fighters, the flags are flying on Main and Church Streets. They offered to put them up early to boost morale and bring a colourful addition to the Village.

Thanks also to Jim Stevenson, a long serving Canada Day Committee volunteer, who recently completed an inventory of the flags and flagpoles and created a colour-coded map for flag placements to aid the fire fighters doing the installation.

You might notice a small difference this year. For the Canada Day celebrations, we typically fly the Canadian flag, as well as some Loyalist and some Union Jack flags. We also fly two of the Village of Bath official flags.

Flags wear out and we purchase replacements from Heritage Point Gifts here in the Village. Because of factory shutdowns, we were unable to get Union Jacks so this year we are flying 24 Loyalist flags, 31 Canadian flags and 2 Village of Bath flags.

The windy weather has been giving us some grief. A number of poles and/or flags have been damaged. Replacements are expensive so we need to salvage what we can. If you happen to see a downed or damaged unit, please call Diane asap at 613-352-5670.

The Loyalist settlers who came here endured many hardships and they persevered. Today we are coping with a world wide pandemic and we too will persevere.

Diane Nolting,

Chair, Bath Canada Day Committee

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