Thank You Volunteers

The Bath Canada Day Committee greatly appreciates the financial support we have received from government grants, corporations, small business, service groups and individuals.The Bath Canada 150 celebration would look quite different without their contributions. For a full listing of donors click on the Supporters menu.

Equally important are the efforts of so many who have stepped up to make things happen and to make things run smoothly. A huge thank you goes to the following for their contributions to :

The Canada Day Button Program

Mary Ann Gibbons

Nancy Gauthier

Sandra Steinhause

Paulette Bathchilder

Bath Artisans Judges

Pre Parade Sales: Kara, Kevin, Charlotte and Sam


The Historic Bath Moments Program

Scott Sunderland

Grade 7 students at Bath Public School

Michael Bartlett,


The Kids Bike Rodeo

Deane Reid

Peter van der Voort

Sally Golding

Madeleine Grierson

Wendy O’Neill

Bruce Friesen

Shannon Cork

Bev Hallman

Dave Vinluan

Gail Heywood

Kathryn Nolting


Tyla Vrantsidis

Jill Strayhorn

Edith Brown

Frances Thorpe

Faye Dowling


David Golding

Mary McWhirter

Laurie Minorgan

Jim Minorgan

Al Phillips

Kerry Phillips

Michelle Podhy

Dave Nolting

Peter Wilkie

John Wilkie

Kent Fredenburg

Bonnie Fredenburg, Bev Hallman, Dave Stewart (Decorated Bikes)

Virginia Thompson plus judges


The Welcome Booth

Ann Myers

Mary-Ellen Fierro

Esther Quirt

Nancy van Camp

Rick van Camp

Debbie Plautz

Jeri Love

Doug Love

Yvonne Ward

Richard Ward

Mary Ann Gibbons

Debbie Marx

Fred McConnell.


The Pickleball Tournament

Richard Ward

Gail Heywood

Anna Boyd

Ron Boyd

Norm Kerz

Bath Pickleball Club Executive and 6 volunteers


The Victorian Tea

Gail Heywood

Saige Traise

David Smith

Joe Hudacin

Jean Hudacin

Peter Bennett

Karen MacKenzie

Ann Douglas

Marion Jansen

John Morrison

Heather Morrow

Nancy Wilkie

Pauline Bellingham

Joyce LeBlanc and the St John’s Anglican Church Volunteers


Logistics: Flags, Fireworks, Traffic Control

Jim Stevenson

Loyalist Township Emergency Services, Bath Station for their help with so many projects that make Canada Day special in Bath

Dave Hall

Sean and Pam Melia – photography


The 2017 Committee

Chair Joe Hudacin

Diane Nolting

Gail Heywood

Michelle Podhy

Laurie Minorgan

Allan Beatty

John Warren

Dave Wreggitt

Ben Hagerman

Kym Fairfax

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