We Will Celebrate

Bath Canada Day Celebrations 2021 The planning for Bath Canada Day celebrations and festivities starts long before the 1st of...
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We Will Celebrate

2021 Bath Canada Day Button Design Contest

Scroll down and click on the link to download the 2021 Bath Canada Day Button Design Contest Entry form and...
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2021 Bath Canada Day Button Design Contest

The Old Photos Project

is a joint undertaking with the Bath Museum to collect, preserve and share pictures and stories about Canada Day in...
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The Old Photos Project

New Volunteer Opportunities with the Bath Canada Day Committee

Every year we hear these kinds of comments: “I love Bath on Canada Day! We come every year.” “Your parade...
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New Volunteer Opportunities with the Bath Canada Day Committee

Canada Day 2021

Looking toward 2021 when we all hope to return to our usual celebrations.

Just in case we can’t go back to the real deal,  the 2021 Bath Canada Day Committee is working on some great virtual programs encouraging involvement by kids of all ages. This page will be updated as the programming details are worked out.


Exciting New Volunteer Opportunities with Bath Canada Day Committee

Welcome to Iain Maciver, Nancy Moore and Amanda Fasken who have joined our team. They will be looking after the Entertainment/Kids Activities. Logistical Considerations and the Events Brochure respectively. We still need some help overseeing the Parade activity and a Co- Chair.

If we can’t do our usual thing,  a program of virtual activities will be offered – ideas welcome!

Every year we hear these kinds of comments:     

“I love Bath on Canada Day! We come every year.”

“Your parade is so awesome!”

“Our family has a whole tradition around watching the fireworks.”

“I can’t believe how well organized it all is.”

These words are music to the ears of the organizing committee and to the amazing group of volunteers who make everything roll out so smoothly.  Over the last few years, the size of the event has grown to accommodate the changing demographic of the Township and the increased numbers of visitors from surrounding areas.


above:Laurie Minorgan, Joe Hudacin & Maxine Fraser

As we work towards 2021 and beyond, the Committee needs to expand so that we can

  • equalize the increased workload
  • incorporate new ideas while staying true to our family-friendly, accessible format.
  • continue to build our strong volunteer base                                                                                                                                                                      

The Nitty Gritty

In order to equalize the workload, we need to add 4 volunteers willing to act as team leaders for 4 areas namely:

  • Entertainment and Children’s activities
  • Logistical needs
  • Publicity
  • Parade


It is REALLY important to know

As part of the planning committee, team leaders work with the chair, other committee members and volunteers to ensure that resources are available for their activities and time lines are met.

Within each of the areas listed above there is a core of experienced volunteers who take on specific tasks each year. The Team Leader is not expected to do it all.

For example:

If you are the Team Leader for the Entertainment and Children’s activities there are volunteers in place who look after the bike/trike decorating contest (also known as The Great Decorate), organizing the live music, the firemen’s foam, the fireworks and the button design contest. That leaves the organization of the Kids Zone activities as your main focus. Much of the booking for the Kids Zone has already been done for 2021.

Welcome Booth

Time commitment

The time commitment for a team leader is 25 – 30 hours spread throughout the year. There are 2-3 fall planning meetings, with the majority of the time needed in late April through June.

Timelines, contact information and tracking sheets have been developed for each area so you know what needs to be done, by whom and by when.

Each of the other 3 areas have similar levels of experienced volunteer support. Mentoring from the current chair will be available through 2020-2021. Depending on where we are with Covid-19, we may be able to return to our pre-covid format or we may need to use the virtual celebrations template developed this year.


Chair position

The Chair position needs to be filled as well. The current chair has committed to staying on through 2021 to mentor a new chair or co-chairs so they have an understanding of how it all comes together.

No special qualifications are needed other than being a relatively organized person, excited about working on Canada Day and willing to look for opportunities for partnering with individuals and community groups.  The mechanics of planning and the details have been documented for each area of responsibility. You don’t have to start from scratch and you aren’t in it alone.

We will offer a new chair and team leader orientation session in mid-September


Why would you take this on?

Being part of the Bath Canada Day Committee means that you get to work with a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers. You will share the rush that comes with seeing it all fall into place.

You will meet new people with lots of different skill sets and learn a great deal about the village and the surrounding community.

Your efforts will make an important contribution to the cultural and economic life of Bath.

I am happy to meet with anyone who would like more specifics about the planning committee, the role of the chair, specific team tasks and the team leader’s role. Give me a call at 613-352-5670 anytime.

Please consider joining us, you will be welcomed and appreciated.

Diane Nolting

Chair, Bath Canada Day Committee



2020 Virtual Canada Day Activities

  • The Canada Trivia Quiz  is complete! 
    • All the questions and answers are on the posting.







  • CJAI Island Radio  will be celebrating Canada Day with their listeners who are invited to
    • send a shout out to family and friends,
    • share a favourite memory or two of past Canada Day
    • request a song by a favourite Canadian artist or group
    • Tune in between 10 am and 6 pm and enjoy this special programming




The Bon Evans Band played between 3 – 5 pm  The performance was streamed through Facebook: Village of Bath News and the Bath Canada Day Facebook page.





  • Winners of the Bath “Decorate Your Doorway and/or  Garage Door” contest will be announced at 10 am on CJAI 92.1 FM on July 1st.


  • Bath Canada Day 2020 Buttons are available at Heritage Point Gifts and Fast Freddy’s on Main Street in Bath or by calling 613-352-5747. 

You can join in:

  • Post your favourite memory of past Canada Days on our Facebook page.
  • Take a selfie, post it on our Facebook page and tell us how you are planning to celebrate this year.


Looking Back: More pictures from past celebrations can be found at the photo gallery button on the main menu. The site is slowly being added to as more photos are available.

The Great Decorate – So Much Fun

The Great Decorate

  • We supplied the decorations
  • You brought the scissors
  • We all had a great time! See you next year.

Historical Costume Workshop

Many thanks to Debbie Lovegrove and Grace Partridge, members of the Historical Costume Club of Kingston

On April 25th they provided an informative and supportive workshop for ladies looking to dress up for the 2019 celebrations. From pattern choices and alterations, trying on petticoats and hoops, making hats and learning about the styles of a bygone era, everyone had fun. They will also help folks going forward as needed.