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We Will Celebrate

Bath Canada Day Celebrations 2021

The planning for Bath Canada Day celebrations and festivities starts long before the 1st of July each year. This year the Bath Canada Day Committee has struggled to find an acceptable way to hold 1st July celebrations while complying with the ups and downs of the stay-at-home orders and other restrictions.

The Committee has decided that with the present Covid-19 restrictions and the increasing spread of the virus, any activities involving large numbers of people pose an unacceptable risk.

Regrettably all in-person public celebrations in Bath have been cancelled for 2021. This includes the Parade, Vendor Market and Fireworks display.

We will celebrate! We are organizing on-line activities and individual initiatives to beautify the Village, showcase the talents of residents and share memories of Canada Day. Details will follow as planning progresses.

Stay safe and enjoy the summer. We hope to be able to get back to “normal” in 2022 and once again celebrate Canada Day together.

Diane Nolting

Chair, 2021 Bath Canada Day Committee


2021 Bath Canada Day Button Design Contest

Scroll down and click on the link to download the 2021 Bath Canada Day Button Design Contest Entry form and contest information

2021 Contest Form-rev

The winning design will the 47th button to celebrate Canada Day in Bath. We are the only community in the country which has this tradition.

Entries are due May 6th by 6pm. Details are in the contest information.

Have fun!

The Old Photos Project

is a joint undertaking with the Bath Museum to collect, preserve and share pictures and stories about Canada Day in Bath. If you have photos or memorabilia that you would like to share, please contact us through

This is a work in progress on the Photo Gallery page. Enjoy!

New Volunteer Opportunities with the Bath Canada Day Committee

Every year we hear these kinds of comments:

“I love Bath on Canada Day! We come every year.”

“Your parade is so awesome!”

“Our family has a whole tradition around watching the fireworks.”

“I can’t believe how well organized it all is.”

These words are music to the ears of the organizing committee and to the amazing group of volunteers who make everything roll out so smoothly.  Over the last few years, the size of the event has grown to accommodate the changing demographic of the Township and the increased numbers of visitors from surrounding areas.

As we work towards 2021 and beyond, the Committee needs to expand so that

  • we continue to build our strong volunteer base
  • equalize the increased workload and
  • incorporate new ideas while staying true to our family-friendly, accessible format.

The Nitty Gritty

In order to equalize the workload, we need to add 4 volunteers willing to act as team leaders

for 4 areas namely:

  • Entertainment and Children’s activities
  • Logistical needs
  • Publicity
  • Parade


It is really important to know

As part of the planning committee, team leaders work with the chair, other committee members and volunteers to ensure that resources are available for their activities and time lines are met.

Within each of the areas listed above there is a core of experienced volunteers who take on specific tasks each year. The Team Leader is not expected to do it all.

For example:

If you are the Team Leader for the Entertainment and Children’s activities there are volunteers in place who look after the bike/trike decorating contest (also known as The Great Decorate), organizing the live music, the firemen’s foam, the fireworks and the button design contest. That leaves the organization of the Kids Zone activities as your main focus. Much of the booking for the Kids Zone has already been done for 2021.


Time commitment

The time commitment for a team leader is 25 – 30 hours spread throughout the year. There are 2-3 fall planning meetings, with the majority of the time needed in late April through June. Timelines, contact information and tracking sheets have been developed for each area so you know what needs to be done, by whom and by when.

Each of the other 3 areas have similar levels of experienced volunteer support. Mentoring from the current chair will be available through 2020-2021. Depending on where we are with Covid-19, we may be able to return to our pre-covid format or we may need to use, and perhaps expand, the virtual celebrations template developed this year.


Chair position

The Chair position needs to be filled as well. The current chair has committed to staying on through 2021 to mentor a new chair or co-chairs so they have an understanding of how it all comes together.

No special qualifications are needed other than being a relatively organized person, excited about working on Canada Day and willing to look for opportunities for partnering with individuals and community groups.  The mechanics of planning and the details have been documented for each area of responsibility. You don’t have to start from scratch and you aren’t in it alone.

We will offer a new chair and team leader orientation session in mid-September.


Why would you take this on?

Being part of the Bath Canada Day Committee means that you get to work with a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers. You will share the rush that comes with seeing it all fall into place.

You will meet a whole lot of new people and learn a great deal about the village and the surrounding community.

Your efforts will make an important contribution to the cultural and economic life of Bath.


I am happy to meet with anyone who would like more specifics about the planning committee, the role of the chair, specific team tasks and the team leader’s role. Give me a call at 613-352-5670 anytime.

Please consider joining us, you will be welcomed and appreciated.

Diane Nolting

Chair, Bath Canada Day Committee


O, Canada with a difference

Doorways Decorating Contest Winners

When you are out for your walk or doing a drive by, check out these wonderfully decorated homes. The photos don’t capture all the details.

You came out, you sang and we all cheered!

Canada Trivia

Canada Trivia: Five weeks, five categories, five questions per week.  All finished! All the questions and answers are listed below.



The category for Week 5 is Local Knowledge.   

Question#1: What is the date on the sign at the Fairfield-Gutzeit House in Bath?

Answer: 1796 Built by William Fairfield, Jr.

To learn more about this man and his family go to


Question #2:  What is the historical significance of the Hawley House located at Main Street, Bath and Country Club Drive?

Answer: This house, the oldest continuously occupied house in Ontario, was built about 1785 by Captain Jeptha Hawley (1740-1813), a Loyalist from Arlington, Vermont. The Hawleys, an old Connecticut family, had sent several representatives, including Jeptha’s father, to the legislature of that colony. Jeptha joined the Royal Standard in 1776, served under General Burgoyne and was later in charge of Loyalist refugees at Machiche, Quebec. In 1784 he settled here in Ernesttown Township. The stone portion of this building was added between 1787 and 1799 as quarters for the Rev. John Langhorn, the district’s first resident Anglican clergyman.


Question# 3. In what year did the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte settle in Tyendinaga: 1650, 1731, 1784?

Answer: 1784

On May 22, 1784, a group of 20 Mohawk families arrived led by John Deseronto, They selected the Bay of Quinte because it was said to be the birthplace of Tekanawita, the Great Peacemaker, one of the founders of the Iroquois Confederacy in the 12th century.[

Question # 4:  Two historical buildings in Bath have names related to food. One is the Ham House. The other is?

Answer:  Layer Cake Hall which currently houses the Bath Library. The Loyalist Parkway website provides an overview of historic sites in the immediate area. 


The Final Question! – Canada supplies 80% of this delicious commodity to the world

Hint: a local company makes this product.

Answer: Maple Syrup.

Made near Bath by Hogan’s Honey and Maple Products.


The category for Week 4 is Sports

Question # 1: Name Canada’s two official national sports   

Answer: Lacrosse and Hockey- 1994 Official Sports Act 


Question#2 : In 1759 Scottish soldiers melted these to make curling stones 

Answer: Cannonballs


Question#3: What Canadian city hosted the first Olympic Winter Games on Canadian soil? 

Bragging rights if you know the year.

Answer:  In 1988, Calgary hosted the first Winter Olympics on Canadian soil. These were the games that saw Eddie the Eagle (the British downhill skier) as well as the Jamaican bobsled team (which actually inspired the movie Cool Runnings).


Question#4. What is the name of the Canadian who invented basketball?

Answer: James Naismith. 

Dr. James Naismith, physical educator, author, inventor, chaplain, physician (born 6 November 1861 in Almonte, Ontario; died 28 November 1939 in Lawrence, Kansas). James Naismith is best known as the inventor of the sport of basketball. He was also the first full-time athletics instructor at McGill University and established the basketball program at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where he worked and lived for 41 years until his death. Naismith became the first member of the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1959. He was posthumously inducted to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame. In 2010, his original hand-written rules for the sport of basketball were sold at auction for $4.3 million, a sports memorabilia record. 


Question# 5  To the nearest thousand, how many points did Wayne Gretzky score in his career?

Answer: 3,000 . According to Wayne Gretzky Stats Top Ten Records, his career scoring points were 1016 goals, 2 223 assists.


Week 3 Questions and answers below

Question#1 What is Canada’s longest river?

Answer: Mackenzie 4,241 km all in Canada

Question # 2 In what province would you find Torngat Mountains National Park?

Answer: It is located on the Labrador Peninsula in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The subarctic Torngat Mountains are the Inuit homeland, and a treasure trove of the powerful stories, spirits and traditions of centuries of travellers.

Question #3 How many time zones are there in Canada?

Answer: There are 6: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic and Newfoundland and Labrador

Question #4: What is Canada’s largest island: Baffin, Victoria or Ellesmere?

Answer: Baffin Island

Question 5: What is the most southerly point in Canada?

Answer: Point Pelee

It is the southernmost point of land in Canada, located at 41°41’N, 82°41″W (41.685,-82.684), or about 41.7 degrees north latitude.

It forms part of the province of Ontario and lies in Lake Erie, just south of Pelee Island, and is part of Point Pelee National Park.

Week 2 Questions and Answers below

Question #1 What term do Canadians use to describe a sofa with upholstered arms?

Answer: Chesterfield

Question #2 What city straddles the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan?

Answer: Lloydminster: Instead of fighting over jurisdiction the provinces agreed to just share it.

Question #3 Who captained the Bluenose, Canada’s iconic sailing ship?

Answer: Captain Angus Walter. The beer is Oland Brewery’s Schooner

Bragging rights if you can name the beer that features the Bluenose on it’s label

Question # 4 Whose face is on the Canadian $100 bill?

Answer: Robert Borden -the eighth prime minister of Canada, in office from 1911 to 1920. He is best known for his leadership of Canada during World War I.

Question #5 When did O, Canada officially become our national anthem?

Answer: 1980. It was written in Québec City by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier (words in French) and composer Calixa Lavallée (music), and first performed there on 24 June 1880.

Week 1 Questions and Answers

Category: Cities

1. Which Canadian city is nicknamed Hollywood of the North?

Answer: Vancouver. An article in the Vancouver Sun dated Jan 2018 quoted a survey by Moviemaker magazine which ranked Vancouver as the second- best place in North America to make movies. Toronto ranked 8 and Montreal 10th

2. Which restaurant chain first opened its doors in Hamilton ON?

Answer: Tim Horton’s – 1964

3. What city was founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1604?

Answer: St John, New Brunswick. Champlain arrived there on June 24, 1604 which is the feast day of St John the Baptist. Because of this, both the settlement and the river were named St John.

4. In which Canadian city would you go to The Forks?

Answer: Winnipeg, Manitoba at the intersection of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

The Forks of the Credit is a beautiful provincial park where visitors hike, picnic, ski and snowshoe,

5. What city is home to the most visited national historic site in Canada? Can you name the site?

Answer: Quebec City. The site is called the Ramparts of Quebec City (Park Canada stats 2017-2018)



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Tune at 10 am on July 1st for stories, memories, greetings from local dignitaries, shout – outs and a whole lot of great Canadian music.


Bon Evans is performing on Canada Day!

but because of the 5 positive covid-19 tests in the area it will be streamed through Facebook on the Village of Bath News and Bath Canada Day sites

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